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IPSWeb is a web based PowerShell client.
Using IPSWeb the IT manager can remotely connect, over the WEB to the powershell console on the server, execute powershell commands, create and edit scripts and more.

What's The Current version of IPSWeb included?
  • Web Based PowerShell client
  • Execute PowerShell commands and see output
  • Pipeline and other PowerShell options are supported
  • Create and Edit startupscript
  • Create. Edit and Execute Scripts
  • Support more than one user at time - each user has his own PowerShell instance
  • Define which snapins will loaded automatically to the PowerShell instance
  • Friendly GUI
  • Easy to install and configure

Current Status
Current IPSWeb version is 0.1 which means an alpha version, so DO NOT INSTALL THIS VERSION ON PRODUCTION SERVERS.
Installation Guide avialable here

What's Next?
Next versions of IPSWeb will support more things. For example:
  • One integrated web gui of IPSWeb for all your servers (write once, execute on all servers)
  • Better script editor
  • and more (you can ask for features in the Discussion tab)

About Me
I'm Shahar Gvirtz, almost 17 years old from Israel. I'm a developer and works with PowerShell for a long time. I started this project between one exam and the other. I have a weblog: (Hebrew!). and you can always send me emails at

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